PARTY TECHNOLOGY — is unique show programs. Actors for every taste, any parameters, with a work vast experience in the sphere of entertainments and a set of creative suits.




Light shows

Dancing performances

Show ballets

Actors of a circus genre

Men dancers

Gymnasts, acrobats

Ethnic shows

Musicians and singers

We always have a work for beautiful and talented people!

In the best capital clubs, on actions of various level and abroad.


  • Рисунок52If you:— dancer or dancer— duet, show ballet— DJ

    — actress or actor

    — leader or leader

    — freak actor

    — or any other talented personality

    Do you want to work with us?


    SEND resume to mail:

    specify in a subject of the letter: go go/dancing statement / topless / actor / leader, etc.

    information on collective, actors, shows photos, videos.


RESPONSES of our EMPLOYEES — instead of one thousand words

Рисунок9 Anna Basayeva,24,Russia

«I work as the hotel administrator in Vietnam 4 months and fully satisfied with everything. In the beginning, learning about careers LOUIS STUDIO, I relied on one to get a good job abroad with a good salary. And so it was. Now I have a favourite work, I am living abroad, a salary without delays. And it not all. I got to amicable team of workers and now I derive a sheer pleasure from work. I combine favourite work and travel with LOUIS STUDIO. It’s really cool.»

Рисунок10 ALICE TKACHENKO, 26, Ukraine

«I work in Vietnam as the waitress exactly a month! And I want to express sincere gratitude to people who work in LOUIS STUDIO. Separately I want to tell thanks to the head Luís Gouyend! I was lucky that I learned about vacancies of the company. Thanks to All for support and help! I for the first time went to work the abroad. I met here with amazing people! I like my place of work and I can have a rest in free time as well as other tourists.»

Рисунок11 VICTORIA SUSLOVA, 25, Russia

«I work in Egypt as the bartender. LOUIS STUDIO gives excellent opportunities for work abroad in good clubs or hotels. Working with the abroad, it is simply impossible to remain former. The wide professional experience is gained and you learn a lot of new about other countries, communicating with tourists. I not the first time work with the abroad and I can tell that approach to candidates for vacancy for LOUIS STUDIO takes place better than in many other companies. The company doesn’t take the commission from the candidate, it pleases and assumes all cares on registration of a working visa. Very good conditions of employment!»




Resort of 5 stars on the island of Can Dao

— administrators on a reception (5 girls)

— bartenders (4 girls)

— waiters (4 girls)


— language skills: English, Russian

— experience on the corresponding position

Those. opening: June

Official opening: September

Schedule of work: 6/1, 10 hours a day

Award: overtime and to the best workers

Contract: conclusion of the contract obligatory

Duration contract: from 6 months to 1 year. Opportunity to prolong.

Insurance: Health insurance

Visa: Worker


Permanent set:

— show — ballets

— party girls

— tequila girls.

Beginning of work: in coordination, depending on readiness of the visa

Schedule of work: 6/1

Quantity of exits: 3-4 numbers for show — ballets or

3-4 exits for a go-go

Operating time: from 12:00 till 03:00.

Contract: obligatory conclusion of the contract

Contract duration: of 1 month (for super cool shows).

Generally from 3 months to 1 year.

Visa: worker

Food: 3-times

Accommodation: in apartments or hotel on 2 persons

Transport: air flight there and back is paid.

Salary: from 800$/month

Language skills: not necessarily

Food: 3-times

Accommodation: in the guest house in the territory of hotel on 2 persons in the room.

Transport: air flight there and back is paid.

Salary: 600$/month

Resumes sent to Russian and English with photos: PARTYPROMO@MAIL.RU